Photo 29-NWAR-18

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Photo 29-NWAR-18
A lot has changed. That house trailer isn’t there any longer. There are a few trees that are my age, 37. Depending on what month in 81 this was taken, there may be a brand new baby named Jason in that trailer. A friend posted a link to their house from the 60’s and I started thumbing through your files. Very cool! You don’t see it, but on the right side of the photo you can see the garage door on the house. There is a big beautiful house that my grandpa built in to the south hill. It’s still there! My grandma still resides there. Earp Spray service is the business name. My family has ran it since the 40’s after the war. Very cool! I may have to look through the rest and see if there are others! Might have to return for a print of this one!

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