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  • This is the house I grew up in! Sure looks different now than it did back then! The trees are all gone. The barns and silo are gone. The house
  • This is where I grew up! My father still lives here. Most of the out buildings are still standing. the pond is gone but the big tree to the south is still there!
  • Telford farm on Rte 116 at 165th Rd. Lived there 1959 to 1964. Corn Crib and Farrowing shed gone at the bottom left.
  • The whole place is gone and a cement feed lot is visible on the north side of the road if you drive by. The well is still used on the south side of the road where a pole is standing for the electric service.
  • This is our home we own currently! Lots of the out buildings are gone and the land has been sold over the years. We own 1 acre around the house and the back part of the property in the photo is now farm ground.
  • down and a newer shed stands on its location now. The old grove of trees to the right is long gone as well. All of the other outer buildings still remain today. Great memories!
  • By the mid 90s the sheds on the left, in the foreground, were gone. The grain bin was gone as was the barn and lean-to. The garage roof had largely
  • This is our farm on 170th street. At this time Janie Anderson lived here. All the buildings are gone except the house which was added
  • My maternal grandparents lived here for 38 years. This is where my mother and all her siblings grew up. All of this is now gone and it is all in farm
  • , 1931. Like I said it is all gone now. Had sad to see these family farms disappearing and farming becoming a big business.
  • . The old house and barn are gone and new one stand in their place but everything else is much the same. I can see in this picture my grandmother

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