Photo 113-JWI-5


Believe this is the Walker farm on Francis Road East of Cedar.
This farm was demolished to make way for a subdivision but the
family home to the North on the other side of the street (seen in the
left side of the photo) remains and has been turned into a landmark.

Yes Ted walkers farm . Just east of it is the 4 H field. I worked on this farm as a teen in the 70s My father and Grandfather also worked a lot with Mr walker behind the farm was Hickory creek where we all would fish for hours on weekends. It is now all subdivided except for the homestead.

We were the last family to live at the farm house! Wendy Walker rented it to us for the last 2 years it was standing. There was only 3 horses when we were there. Wish things didn’t end up the way they did over the property. The New Lenox Fire Dept. did a controlled burn on it. We were told to take whatever we wanted out of it before we moved. We took everything! Two furnaces, sinks, brand new carpets throughout, countertops, wainscoting, fridge, stove, etc…….

Ty Do you have any photos of the house and property prior to the burn?

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