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004 ecl 07
4-ECL-7 (1976)
This was the old Naugle place. Paul B. Lamb purchased their farm from them.
004 ecl 08
4-ECL-8 (1976)
This was Paul B. Lamb's home. My sisters and I grew up there. My parents have since passed and the place... more »
027 ecl 26
27-ECL-26 (1976)
1970s was home of Fritz Washnock
027 ecl 33
27-ECL-33 (1976)
In 1970s home of Paul and Ellen Zimmerman. 2018 owned by their son Rodney
028 ecl 34
28-ECL-34 (1976)
Believe this was the Yenawine farm in the 1970's
029 ecl 20
29-ECL-20 (1976)
In the 1970s was home for Gene and Eloise Burchel
029 ecl 21
29-ECL-21 (1976)
2018 - Current home of Mike and Sharon Johnson
029 ecl 32
29-ECL-32 (1976)
2018 - Current owners are Greg and Peg Hostettler and location of Franklin Farms Event Venue