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Photo 21-TGE-36


This property was the Squire Apple Orchard Linton, IN. The house on the left is now gone and a new house has been built further back on that parcel. The building on the right was converted into a home at some point and a small pole barn was added at the front of the building. We call this whole structure home.

I accidentally found this today. I am the grandson Randy Bledsoe of the owner (Ralph and Madge Bledsoe) of this orchard back then. If this was taken in 1973 , it was 2 years before I was born in 75. This brings back so many memories.

My grandparents lived there for YEARS. I love it. They tried to buy it but it needed SO much work. Unfortunately it was sold and the new owners just demolished and rebuilt. This brings back many memories!

Hi Sonja! We're so glad to hear that our photo brought back some happy memories for you. Do you happen to remember any specific stories from your time in the area? It's a shame the property was demolished, but luckily we have these photos to preserve some of the past. Thanks for commenting! -Alexis

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