I grew up in the house on the right side (kind of obscured here by the trees). My parents rented here from 1964 until 1995. My dad worked for Majenica Tile (at left). Thatâ™s his large vegetable garden behind the house. Mom and Dad moved out when he retired and Majenica Tile sold the house. The new owner remodeled the inside and there has been a succession of renters, but the exterior and the yard isnâ™t kept up as nice as my dad always did. Majenica Tile went out of business about the same time my dad retired and itâ™s just not the same around there as it was when I was a kid.

This company was owned by my grandfather's family until it went out of business. Have great memories growing up there. My grandmother's garden always produced more than they needed and she would send bags of vegetables home with the tile mill workers. There was a pop machine in the office in the mill and grandpa always gave us quarters for it. I spent many times sweeping the driveway. Many fond memories here.

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