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Yes, My name is Ed Thornburg, I lived there 1966 to 1976 with 5 brothers & 3 sisters. My dad sold the property to the chemical dump. ( Around the year 1990 ) They bulldozed everything down. A big hill of dirt is all thats left. But I will always have my memories. Thanks for the picture.

yes, This was owned by my Aunt and Uncle Thornburg.... I spent a lot of summers there with my cousins. I think about this place often.

I grew up in this house with my 6 brothers and two sisters. Our grandchildren loved spending weekends here.

This belong to my Grandpa and Grandma Thornburg. We had great memories here! They had 9 kids and 26 grandkids. We always hadd the best family gatherings here. The 60+ great grand kids never got to see this, but always here stories from the fun times

I married into the family to Duffy Thornburg back in 1975. There were many babies add to this already Big family. Many,many good memories were made here.

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