Photo 18-PIO-18


Across from Benny's, and you can see a little bit of the Ladora STockyards at the bottom of the pic. This is awesome. Back in the good old days! Thanks Dix!

East side of Ladora. The stockyards at the very front of the picture. Across the street York Garage (Benny York). The Sinclair Gas Station (now Ladora Stora), and the machine shop is where Jon Kinzenbaw started Kinze Manufacturing which is now located at the Marengo I-80 exit which has a Williamsburg address. To the back of the photo is what we called "Blue Barn". I have no idea who owned that or what it was used for.

Blue Barn I believe belonged to Lswrence Guehrn. He had some sort of dozing business. They lived on the west end of town.

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