O'Brien County

We have 310 rolls of film from O'Brien County. That's about 11,160 photos.

94% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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14-MOB-12 (1975)
Robert and Orle Towe farm. Barn that was in the foreground was torn down in 1974.
5-IOB-33 (1971)
This was the Robert and Orle Towe farm. Grew up here with my brothers Jim and Jeff, and sister Lynn.
30-IOB-25 (1971)
6154 340th St. Everything except for the house are gone.
30-IOB-3 (1971)
6656 350th St. The crib and granary are gone and there is a machine shed north of the barn. The house is added... more »
7-IOB-5 (1971)
Emil budden farm. 4 east, 3 north, 1/2 west of Granville Iowa
45-MOB-7 (1975)
This is the Guetschow farm. My grandparents, Oscar & Olive Guetschow, owned this farm. My uncle, Neil Guetschow... more »
5-AON-36 (1984)
Glenn and Norma Veldboom farm. Looks like Dad has his camper backed up by the garage getting ready to go camping... more »