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    Thanks for getting in touch with us! All of our photos can be purchased directly through our website via our secure online shopping cart.<br /><br />To the right of the photo (or below this comment if you're using a mobile device,) you will see our product section. You can click on each product type to expand for more details regarding each of our various products.<br /><br />Just click the "Add to Cart" button and follow the checkout steps.<br /><br />For the fastest response to any other questions please contact us at <a href=""></a>. If you'd prefer to hear a human voice, we completely understand. Simply leave us a message at 888-402-6901 and we'll call you back as soon as we can<br />
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    Bellevue Mansion - This Greek Revival mansion was built 1853 to 1855 by Benjamin Harvey Hill for his wife, Caroline Holt Hill. Senator Hill served in the Georgia Legislature, Confederate Congress, and U.S. House and Senate. He was arrested at Bellevue in May, 1865 along with Stephen Mallory, Secretary of the Confederate Navy. You can learn more here
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    Georgia Monument located at Chickamauga Battlefield in Poe Field. Part of the Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park.
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    Catoosa County, GA
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    Turner County, GA
    Turner County Probate Court (Top Right) downtown Ashburn
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    Turner County, GA
    First United Methodist Church
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    S&W Superette
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    Our oldest photos date back to 1963, In this particular county the oldest photos we have are form 1967.
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    There are various signs in the photo they read: J.D. Jones TV Furniture and Appliances
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    Lyle's Boats
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    Hippen Barn
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