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022 wta 11
22-WTA-11 (1985)
Bethesda was incorporated with Burleson, Tx. Located on the 12544 block of J Rendon Rd., Burleson, Tx.
002 wta 32
2-WTA-32 (1985)
This house is at the end of Justin Lane, Crowley, Tx.
002 wta 18
2-WTA-18 (1985)
This house is in the 7620 block of Floyd Hampton Rd., Crowley, Tx
002 wta 16
2-WTA-16 (1985)
Approximate address is 7590 Floyd Hampton Rd., Crowley, Tx.
009 zta 10
9-ZTA-10 (1963)
Rendon school, I was told it was k-12. Not sure the name.
017 wta 34
17-WTA-34 (1985)
Holiday Liquor at 5900 South Fwy, Fort Worth Tx 76134
009 zta 03
9-ZTA-3 (1963)
I’m pretty sure this is the skate rink in Rendon TX, it has been torn down for 20 or 30 years now. It was on... more »
009 zta 01
9-ZTA-1 (1963)
I’m pretty sure this is the corner of 1187 and Rendon Rd, in Rendon, TX. This house faces Rendon Rd. And the... more »