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We have 43 rolls of film from Gallatin County. That's about 1,548 photos. 100% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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034 ugl 31
34-UGL-31 (1987)
Not much has changed I grew up in this house
033 ugl 25
33-UGL-25 (1987)
My aunt and uncle, Robert and Jane Fuson, house. They still live there. It is next to the house I grew up in.
033 ugl 24
33-UGL-24 (1987)
This is where I grew up. The house is still there and my mother Pat Fuson still lives there.
033 ugl 22
33-UGL-22 (1987)
My aunt and uncle Robbie and Rosy Ward's trailer. It is no longer there.
033 ugl 21
33-UGL-21 (1987)
Another angle of Ed and Stella Fuson's trailer
033 ugl 20
33-UGL-20 (1987)
This was my grandparents, Ed and Stella Fuson's place, next to it is Robbie and Rosy Ward's trailer... more »
033 ugl 13
33-UGL-13 (1987)
That's my old home growing up my mom and grandparents lived there it was tore down in 2008
003 ugl 28
3-UGL-28 (1987)
This is my house that I am currently living in.