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040 mbu 01
40-MBU-1 (Butler, 1978)
This is the church my grandparents attended. They are now buried in the cemetery in the back, along with my... more »
178 bbu 10
178-BBU-10 (Bullitt, 1985)
This house was on Railroad Avenue beyond the flood wall. It was the old railroad hotel long ago. I grew up down... more »
007 tgr 21
7-TGR-21 (Grant, 1977)
And my dad. Pennington family farm
007 tgr 19
7-TGR-19 (Grant, 1977)
Barn, corncrib, and cellar torn down. All that's left is the hog house (very back building on the left... more »
178 bbu 14
178-BBU-14 (Bullitt, 1985)
This is a different angle of my grandparents house.
178 bbu 12
178-BBU-12 (Bullitt, 1985)
This the trailer where I lived until my parents built their house on the same spot a couple of years after this... more »
178 bbu 15
178-BBU-15 (Bullitt, 1985)
This is my grandparents farm and house. I grew up just down the road, but spent lots of time at their place.
062 bha 18
62-BHA-18 (Hardin, 1985)
Pleasant Grove Methodist Church, located on HWY 84 near Hardin Springs. There is a cemetery across from the... more »

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