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This was Forrestdale Elementary School. It was built when the USEC plant was built but used as an elementary school even after the plant construction was over.

Forrestdale Elementary School, Rice Springs Road, Kevil Ky

This is where I went to grade school.

i went to school there to

I've never seen an aerial photo of Forrestdale Elementary School but I immediately suspected that I recognized it. I attended Forrestdale from grades one thru six. Teachers
that impressed me were Mrs Tucker 4th grade, Mrs. Wiggins 5th grade and Mrs. Owens 6th grade. Mrs. Marshall was the principal and I think I recall we raised money to gift her a console color TV for her retirement.

I went to elementary school here, 1st-6th grade! Love this old photo. I remember the big red double doors in front,and having to go outside for recess in the parking lot or gym when it snowed and we couldn't get to the playground in back.

By 1984 when this photo was taken, Forrestdale Elementary had become Heath Elementary in a new building, and this building was being used as a factory. I was in the last class to graduate sixth grade from Forrestdale in May 1981.

I attended Forrestdale from 1965 to 1971. My Grandmother, Sarah Jerrell taught private piano there and her sisters who taught there were Rowena Marshall, principal, Margaret Frazier and Mildred Frazier. I wrote a history book about the school only had a few copies made. Iâ™ve considered publishing. If anyone interested in buying a copy please let me know.

I would buy a copy.

Lana, we were the last class there. It was a great elementary school. I remember Mr. Lee throwing pencil erasers at us and I believe he was the one that had a snake. I think I had Mrs. Weig (sp?) In 6th grade. My little sister had to do 5th and 6th grade at the new Heath Elementary.

Thank you all for the wonderful history about this photo. Are any of these buildings still there today?

The gym only

Attend all 6 grades there. Still remember not of my teachers. Remember the trophy Glass display in hallway. I also remember the 1st black student that attended. The teachers prepared us for a week. I was in the 3rd grade. I turned out to be great for everyone they became a great friend and blessing to whole school. I won't use their name since I don't have their permission, but I still remember it.

Went here 1st grade 54-55, miss hill my teacher. Dad worked TVA shawnee plant. Walked to school from flattop home in neighborhood behind school. Have lots of snapshots. Remember polio scare and shots

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