Houston County

We have 139 rolls of film from Houston County. That's about 5,004 photos.

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15-CHO-37 (1968)
Palen farms
14-EHU-24 (1973)
This Pieper Farm was homesteaded in 1886 by Fredricka and her son Barny Pieper, who married Minnie Bauldwin... more »
6-CHO-26 (1968)
this is my boyhood farm. owned by my grandfather them my father and now my nephew.Dwayne nelson
31-EHU-34 (1973)
I live here now with my husband that was brought home from the hospital in February of 1951. Most of the building... more »
16-CHO-12 (1968)
Sullivan Farm
22-CHO-26 (1968)
Paul and Betty Von Arx Farm
12-FHO-16 (1979)
Our farm in 1979, was owned by another family member. 3 barns are no longer there and a new one has been added
3-CHO-14 (1968)
I grew up here - from 1967 until 1978. So we moved in the year after this photo was taken. The new barn doors... more »