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We have 91 rolls of film from Somerset County. That's about 3,276 photos. 42% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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008 lso 17
8-LSO-17 (1963)
Davis Farm..Clarence Davis Route 152 Palmyra
047 lso 01
47-LSO-1 (1963)
This was my dads place wher I lived until 5th grade. Lots of good memories of the farm. Some of which can be... more »
088 lso 38
88-LSO-38 (1963)
If you find a big heavy bulb shaped cast iron thing kicking around the old dill farm, it’s the old pump. My... more »
088 lso 38
88-LSO-38 (1963)
And yes we removed the lead pipes.
088 lso 38
88-LSO-38 (1963)
I grew up across the road in the 90s. Dill road has a lot of history. Spent a lot of time metal detecting old... more »
077 lso 19
77-LSO-19 (1963)
Carol Flynn Nickerson : Donald Folsom was my Uncle thru Marriage to my Mothers sister, Josephine Ellis Folsom... more »
079 lso 23
79-LSO-23 (1963)
I remember you & your parents well, Mat.
080 lso 08
80-LSO-8 (1963)
My father, Allan Poland, was principal at that school around this time. He would take us up on the weekends... more »