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We have 91 rolls of film from Somerset County. That's about 3,276 photos. 41% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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018 lso 18
18-LSO-18 (1963)
This home is located on the Ohio Hill Road. Sets back from the road up on a hill. Was once owned by the Raymond... more »
018 lso 10
18-LSO-10 (1963)
This home is located on the original Nye's corner across from Harding's garage. In the 1960's until... more »
018 lso 13
18-LSO-13 (1963)
This home is located on the Ohio Hill Road in Fairfield and looks much the same today. It was owned by John... more »
018 lso 21
18-LSO-21 (1963)
This was the home of George Sullivan in the 1960 and 1970's.It was then called the Fish Road. Now part of... more »
020 lso 04
20-LSO-4 (1963)
This home was located on Western Avenue in Fairfield at the time of the photo(now called center road)It is still... more »
020 lso 07
20-LSO-7 (1963)
This is the home next after Golden Acres farm on Western Avenue in 1963. Now known as Center Road. Once owned... more »
020 lso 05
20-LSO-5 (1963)
This was the home of Dan Bickford and family for many years located on Western Avenue in Fairfield.(now called... more »
019 lso 11
19-LSO-11 (1963)
This home was part of the Wilson Lowe farm across the road until 1950. When the Emery family bought the Lowe... more »