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We have 110 rolls of film from Monroe County. That's about 3,960 photos. 100% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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088 jmo 01
88-JMO-1 (1978)
All trees grown, new trees in center of drive, white fence gone to hill wearing down, small building in foreground... more »
063 jmo 35
63-JMO-35 (1978)
This was my Home farm
064 jmo 08
64-JMO-8 (1978)
This was the Ike and Bertha Geier Farm.
064 jmo 06
64-JMO-6 (1978)
Its now where Burt Anderson lived. The house got burned down by rural fire dept. A silo was added left of the... more »
064 jmo 10
64-JMO-10 (1978)
I worked on that farm for a few years. was Brian Anderson. Was his dads farm.
064 jmo 07
64-JMO-7 (1978)
At that time it was the Valley View Apple Orchard
064 jmo 01
64-JMO-1 (1978)
Roberts Farm
064 jmo 05
64-JMO-5 (1978)
This is a picture of Kroener's Grocery Store. The road going to the left is AA; the road coming from the... more »