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5-WTD-27 (1982)
I grew up on this farm from age 4 until I married and moved away at age 18. The house in the picture was built... more »
57-JTO-19 (1983)
Auughhh the Harvest Moon. Looks better from a distance.
56-JTO-21 (1983)
Nice shot of the Square taken from the East
3-JTO-26 (1983)
The store off 68 just as you head out of Elkton toward Russellville. This is taken from the North.
3-JTO-4 (1983)
The Square as viewed from 68/80 West.
1-JTO-21 (1983)
Well, Elkton Elementary and Middle School. The building to the upper left used to house the 6th grade and library... more »
46-JTO-22 (1983)
Stokes Chapel Church viewed from the south. Grew up in that church.
20-JTO-13 (1983)
Our home built 1900