Buena Vista County

We have 302 rolls of film from Buena Vista County. That's about 10,872 photos.

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53-MBU-17 (1975)
Buena Vista County Raceway and Fair Grounds. On the east edge of Alta just off of Hwy 7.
13-GBU-30 (1979)
A grip on this Farm, I would have been 11 years old when this was taken.
33-IBV-30 (1971)
I grew up here at this time I would have been 3 years old.
45-MBU-36 (1975)
I was 7 years old when this photo was taken of the farm I grew up on.
4-RBV-36 (1987)
I grew up here, and still visit for family get-togethers. Great place! The hog house and the lower barn are... more »
40-OBV-31 (1986)
Leonard and Trudy Peterson farm.
30-GBU-3 (1979)
Mabel Peterson's farm. Co owned by her sister Helen Peterson Reitz.
31-GBU-12 (1979)
My grandparents farm: Swede and Vesta Krebs.