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003 lwa 26
3-LWA-26 (1986)
Yes, this is the Wicks homestead. It was purchased last year by my family and while we are not farmers, we have... more »
100 lwa 07
100-LWA-7 (1986)
I live here now, in 1986 the Browns lived here
097 lwa 11
97-LWA-11 (1986)
This is 25 Benz Lane, off of Center Falls Rd, Greenwich, NY. I grew up here, born in 1973. This farm was owned... more »
101 lwa 04
101-LWA-4 (1986)
Sinnomon farm Stump Chirch rd
060 lwa 23
60-LWA-23 (1986)
This was my family home from 1980 - 1990. My father built the house. He can be seen in the photo. It’s on... more »
120 wwas 20
120-WWAS-20 (1990)
I live here. The barn across the road is now gone. No pool in the back yard. Full front porch on house. Love... more »
054 lwa 27
54-LWA-27 (1986)
The house has siding now and front porch was extended slightly. Barn no longer there, just the foundation... more »
141 wwas 13
141-WWAS-13 (1990)
The locusts trees to the left of the house are now gone and 1 big maple in the back right corner of the house... more »