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We have 179 rolls of film from Clark County. That's about 6,444 photos. 100% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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018 scl 09
18-SCL-9 (1980)
This is near my home. I would like to know the Photo numbers for the houses immediately to the left of this... more »
012 scl 18
12-SCL-18 (1980)
Wow that's where I grew up. It was the best place on earth to live. I had the best childhood here and wouldn... more »
005 ccl 06
5-CCL-6 (1986)
This picture taken in 1986 is still hanging on my living room wall today, January 2017, only in a slightly cropped... more »
070 scl 20
70-SCL-20 (1980)
My old home place. My brother still lives there.
070 scl 19
70-SCL-19 (1980)
My sister's house before the road was brought in a different way and the pool was installed.
070 scl 13
70-SCL-13 (1980)
My dad built this house in the early 70's and sold it for a profit. His name was Elbert Adams.
009 scl 18
9-SCL-18 (1980)
This was the country store that my great grandfather owned. Later on my father purchased his farm including... more »
060 ccl 16
60-CCL-16 (1986)
Gibson farm