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052 scl 09
52-SCL-9 (1980)
Yes! Went to this wonderful school for 8 years! Many great memories!
052 scl 25
52-SCL-25 (1980)
This photo is of the Ruckerville School after it was closed in 1946 and converted into a home. Originally it... more »
050 scl 32
50-SCL-32 (1980)
I moved her in 1987. I still live here now in 2018.
050 scl 32
50-SCL-32 (1980)
I moved her in 1987. I still ok e here now in 2018.
009 scl 10
9-SCL-10 (1980)
Another view of the Fraley farm on Paris Road. Again, the shrubs at the entrances to each drive were taken out... more »
009 scl 11
9-SCL-11 (1980)
I grew up here. This is the farm of Bill & Phyllis Fraley. Biggest changes are that the garage by the house... more »
039 scl 06
39-SCL-6 (1980)
My uncle lived in this house. Never liked visiting at night, too spooky.
038 scl 31
38-SCL-31 (1980)
I lived in this house three times growing up. Had a lot of good childhood memories in this house. Plus running... more »