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039 wmo 08
39-WMO-8 (1982)
Stacee Keeton, this now called Lonnie Wright Road. It is on Coffee Creek.
049 omo 16
49-OMO-16 (2000)
That moblie home is still right there!
049 omo 17
49-OMO-17 (2000)
I grew up here and remain. We have a few more buildings and there is no more tobacco. We farmed just about every... more »
003 wmo 12
3-WMO-12 (1982)
Uncle jay b home
004 wmo 02
4-WMO-2 (1982)
This was once the local grocery store for years down below was my grandmothers house miss going to see her store... more »
006 wmo 08
6-WMO-8 (1982)
My Grandads farm Frank and Ola Blevins and My Aunt Joyce lived in the house beside them
003 wmo 27
3-WMO-27 (1982)
I lived here in 1973 there was a smoke house beside the house that's not in the picture
006 wmo 09
6-WMO-9 (1982)
Yes my home when growing up. Still live in site of it. Still on part of farm. Belonged to Frank and Ola... more »