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Photo 4-UPE-36


Yes my name is Julie Miracle my maiden name was Manuel I grew up in the house to the left of the gas station that was owned by my Father Doug Manuel.I played in the fields behind the house . What a wonderful memory. I do believe there is a Dollar General next to house . Most of my Family has moved away and my Father passed in 2003. Miss it. My Dad's wrecker used to say Doug's Here.

This was my Papa's business and the place beside it housed family members. I miss it because that was when family was near one another. And the wrecker I got to ride in at least once. My dad took me out in it on an icy/snowy day to go pickup a vehicle.

This was my dad and grandpas garage and my name is Dawn Montgomery (Manuel). I also grew up in this house until 1983 when my mother and brother moved to falmouth in a new house. I remember so many great memories from this place and wish it was still in the family.

Worked there on different times also Doug sponsored our softball team that played at Caters park. Everything looks like y changed

I grew up with Doug and went to school with him I remember playing hardball over at the sportsman's club the only pictures I have is the ones in my head if I would ever find one I will pass it on to you

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