Photo 32-LWA-12


Maxim house on the corner of 220 and Crosby Brook Rd. only orginial building left is the barn. now owned by MOFGA

This is my grandparents farm. Notice the rows of potatoes in the lower right of the photo. Also notice the Farmall tractor by the barn. My grandfather, Albert, kept cows to mile in the larger barn. The small building just outside the large barn was where the large container that the cow milk was refrigerated in, awaiting the arrival of the milk truck. One of the farm trucks is located by the maple trees. I used to sit on the front porch of the farmhouse with my grandmother and chat. In the corner of the front sunporch is a bunch of bamboo that Gramp tried to get rid of, but he was never successful. I used to hunt for 4 leaf clovers on the front lawn with Gramp. He and I found several. I actually still have some that I found with him. A priceless memory!

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