Photo 38-MWA-5


all the buildings are gone

where was this?

At the right of this great photo was my grandmother and Grandfathers homestead,Lewis P andGeorgia Lane Kingsbury.I was born in their home in 1934.The large barn in the photo had a sign on the front"LANE FARM 1820".I remember when the house was built.also when the well was drilled and when we got electricity.My father enjoyed showing people the fireplace in the living room.there were 12 children.there are 4 of us still living.there were 2 downstairs bedrooms on back parents had one and the 5 boys shared the other.the 7 girls all shared the upstairs.We raised our own vegetables and in the large barn were many dairy cattle and a sheep shed on the end. Under neath the barn was large Pig Pen,so we had plenty of meat,.My father was in the forestry business,with aeverak sawmills and woods operations that I well remember!This homestead was a bustling place from 1930 into the 80s with many memories.
Margaret Hannah Kingsbury Knowles

what a wonderful memory piece! thank you. was this on the North Searsport Rd near Hamm Rd?

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