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I think this was the Worcester Farm, later own by Bill Adams, on the Monroe Road in Winterport near the corner of the Hobbs Road.

Home sweet home. I grew up at that farm. It was later owned by Will Richards. Of course there have been many changes as Will Richards remodeled the whole farm and although they did a wonderful job, you would not recognize it today. The "farm" in early history was known as the half-way house between Bangor and Belfast. At one time, there was a picture post card depicting that which I believe is lost in history.

Dr. Adams actually lived on the Rabbit Hill Road (Hobbs Road?), not in that farm.

I never saw those 3 alien circles in the upper part of the picture and have no clue what they are, giant mushrooms?
Jo-Ann Worster Estes

I have a few memories here! The elevator in the barn was such an awesome thing when I was about 6 or 7. I also remember what I thought was a secret passage from the house to the barn. The wonderful smells coming from the kitchen up through the floor register in to my bedroom from Grammy Doris' cooking is something I will never forget! I loved living there for the short time we did before moving in to the farm house across the street.

Home sweet home is right! I spent 32 very happy years on this farm which Will named Whip-Poor-Will Farm. I married Will in 1981 and we had many adventures raising beefalo, pigs, turkeys, geese ect. not all at once mind you! The whole house was renovated and new garage and barn built. Pasture was fenced in for the beefalo and 2 ponds were dug and stocked. We both enjoyed landscaping and gardening so a lot was added to the grounds. Will past away in 2010 and the farm was too big for me to take care of it by myself so I had to sell it and luckily found a young family who love the farm and living in Winterport.

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