Photo 42-MWA-4


Kirk Fairbanks Stove Pipe Alley

Kirk was an older farmer with one ford tractor and two horses. I was pre teen and spent many days just hanging around him while he did his work taking care of his cows. Kirk was my grandfather's best friend. Many stories about them. Best memories I think about even today.

I grew up in that house! I have never seen pictures of it in the 60's, so some of the trees didn't exist by the time my family (Hagopian's) moved in, in the mid-70's. So many memories...Wonderful place to grow up. Apparently the new owners tore down the barn about 10 years ago.
Neat pictures!!!!

The house was originally the Fairbanks Farm built in 1903. I was told that there was a house even older which burned down. I wonder if that was it all the way to the right of the photo ? Not an easy house to heat. It has horse hair plaster walls with no insulation. One year I remember burning 13 cords of firewood plus a couple tanks of oil just to heat the downstairs

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