Photo 108-BWA-14


Kalgren, Pond Road. Also the old game warden camp that used to be inhabited by the very regionally famous John Ford. As I always like to share this anecdote my father ended up shooting the game warden's dog at the Lawman's Direction. Dad had explained a German Shepherd was attacking his sheep and the game warden disregarded the chance it could be his own dog. It is not something that I share with any sort of enjoyment that the dog died after being shot in the neck and injured. It had been given to another neighbor to try and help it recover, a Dr Stein who lived on the lake. The poor animal suffered some, succumbing to his injuries after fighting for a significant amount of time. It is only comical at all as 30 years after the incident my father under the influence of pain medication as he was terminally ill with cancer walked into Bangor Savings Bank to help me shop around for financing for some equipment. He immediately recognized the game warden's wife who was the chief loan officer and said "Hi Judy, it's been a long time. I was your neighbor in Burnham, do you remember when I shot your dog?". You can already guess I didn't secure any financing from that institution.

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