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Tory Hill Corner - Junction 202 - 112, bar Mills Maine. The old store, restaurant and laundry-matt. The house = My old home! The gas station - almost in the road. The restaurant is gone, the laundry-mat is gone, that gas station/store is gone. They now have a huge gas station setting on the 202 side - further back, the old cow field is now a soccer field for the town. The huge tree is gone. If I could see the vehicles better, I could probably tell you who was home!

I use to do my laundry there. I ate at that restaurant and bought gas at that store...

Sherry, I used to do mine as well...and I used to waitress at the restaurant later in the years for Steve Hall when he ran it..Knew Terry and Norm, the owners , grew up with their son, Joe..wasn't quite a teenager when this photo was taken, remember it well..

I would ride my horse down to the corner store, stop, say hi to everyone, get a cold pop to drink, and keep on going down 112 to my friends, the Larose's house to ride with..Leanne , Denise and Dennis out behind their house in the ring where we would do horse shows..

I grew up on the Old a Orchard Rd and would gas up the trucks and tractors from our farm under the canopy of the store! How times have changed!

My sister Carol was a cook and my nieces were waitresses at the restaurant in the late 70's/early 80's -- good home cooking! I used the laundromat and got my gas there. A one-stop "get all you need" place on the map.

My dad stephen hall ran it for a few years....many memories.

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