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I grew up in this house (age 8-21). My Mom and Dad had the house built in 1979. I loved this house. I imagine you could hardly see the house from this view today, with all the White Pines full grown in the front. We used to sled down that hill, surprised that some of those pines survived, being ran over by our sleds so many times. Actually, a couple didn't, Dad didn't know, we think. :) Notice all the flower gardens, the weeds in those gardens kept us busy in the summers, I never thought I'd miss those gardens. Dad planted a huge vegetable garden in the back, right side of yard. Man, memories are flowing, seeing Dad out in the garden just about every day right after coming home from work. Mom inside listening to Anne Murray, reading or macrameing a blanket. We always had sit down dinners at the kitchen table. Mom and Dad were great cooks, to bad I didn't appreciate those moments more then, but I was a teenager. I did appreciate it, but wish I had more at the time. To this day, I still get thoughts of, I can't wait to get home, I wonder what's for dinner, looking down the drive to see if Mom or Dad are coming up the driveway. Then reality sets in, and oh ya, I'm the Dad now, let's order out. Bad habit. I wonder sometimes if my Mom and Dad had the same thoughts I have sometimes. How/when did I become the adult/responsible one? Some of my thoughts of the past of this house are so vivid, it's like it just happened. They lived at 1830 N. College Rd, until about 2008, so almost 30 years. It was a great home, time went by too fast.

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