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Grew up next door, Augie O'Neil owned this farm 40's-80s. Had a lot of feral cats and one big dog named Lancer who stayed in the barn.

Hi Chris,
Do you remember what kind of farm the O'Neil's had? Do you have a personal memory from the property you would like to share?

HI Alexis - Ms. O'Neil's husband had already passed by the 1970s, so no farming at least since that time. Still remains of old farm machinery in back of property, (now state land), from that they farmed corn, hay at least. When I was a boy, my sisters and I would visit her, eat apples from her tree, play with lancer. I metal detected the property last summer, found a nice crotal bell (from sleybell harness), still rings.

Also - toured the barn last summer with the owner, it appears to have been used for milking cows, so probably a dairy farm at one time.

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