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Photo 12-CKE-13


That was the Bliss Funeral Home. It was torn down and replaced with a strip mall.

Not only the funeral home, the whole block of houses are gone too!
The corner to the left of that block (the sw corner) is missing everything shown in this photograph too. There is a large Baptist Church now located on that corner with a large parking log.

Look at the big trees in the school yard.
I remember they tore the funeral home down to put a new Rite Aid in its place. It didn't happen.

My parents, myself and 2 younger brothers moved to the southwest corner of Second and Muskegon Streets. The year was 1957, I think. The house was called or refered to as the Woodworth House. I believe Mrs Clark grew up there. Not sure. Johnsons' lived to the east and Mrs Gibson lived to the north.
Morley Park was just a block away, south on 2nd Street. The Football was west of the park. We could hear the fans cheering at the Cedar Springs High School home came.
On Red Flannel Day, band compitions with other schools were held at/on the Football field.

Actually, what is here referred to as the Bliss Funeral home , is in fact Black's store in this picture. Used to buy bubble gum there during WW 11

Further thought, in this picture it is Black's Store facing Main Street wth the Walsh funeral home in the back, next to Andy (hammy) Johnson's house ( father of Keith and Andy)

The Naptist Church had a house there"Beth Haven om yhe corner opposite Bliss in 1970 then replaced witj parking space. Youth pastors n activities were there

Before I started going to grade school I would go to Women's Club with my mother(Jeanne Frank) and one of the meetings was across from then Walshes Funeral home. I think Mrs. Rau lived there.

Baptist Church owned the 3 houses shown on the left side of Muskegon St. All are torn down now. Beth Haven (referenced above), the white house in the center (which was a Sears kit house) and the green house on the corner.

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