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We use to call it the Little Red Store even tough it was really the Banson store. The Klinkers were good people. April, May, June and Joy and Henry. May was the mother and wife and had to stand on a wooden box to reach the register. Whenever you bought groceries you could pick from the cellophane assorted candy bags. They always gave you something free for your patronage.
It was on our bus route and ever so often the bus driver would drop us off while he went up the road to drop off and turn around. We could buy candy bars for a nickel. Nut Goodies were a dime and they were big enough to share!
My Grampa lived up the road so that was his grocery store. He would bring us orange slices, root beer and orange soda.

Auto correct.
Even though it was The Bandon Store

The store was on the corner of number 3 and number 2.When I was a teenager many of us would meet there on Sunday afternoons. There were a couple of booths inside. There were several different owners before the Klinkers. One name was Williams.

Walter Williams started the store. His wife was Marie and the store was called, "Low Marie" after her. One time it was called Huskey Town as that was the brand of gas they sold. Glen Sayer owned it at one time. Eino Weplo,(spelling?) bought 40 acres and included the store. Jerry said that he could go on and on about the store! Sauna, in back, was open Wed. nites for public. Was a big social for the Finns! Each had their own nite! There was a pond on the south side with white ducks in it. The whole place is no longer there. Sad!

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