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016 nmon 11
16-NMON-11 (Monroe, 1994)
My grandparents farm and where I live now. 60026 Pearce Chapel Rd Smithville, MS.
016 nmon 10
16-NMON-10 (Monroe, 1994)
The house I grew up in. 60024 Pearce Chapel Rd Smithville, MS.
016 nmon 09
16-NMON-9 (Monroe, 1994)
We built this house in 1986 and lived there until 2003. 60020 Pearce Chapel Rd Smithville, MS.
008 ncl 28
8-NCL-28 (Clay, 1994)
Appears to be the Church on the knoll NE of the Chester McLemore home from picture #25.
008 ncl 26
8-NCL-26 (Clay, 1994)
Picture #26 and #27 appear to be the home of "Charles Last" and his wife who moved into the Abbott... more »
011 ncl 17
11-NCL-17 (Clay, 1994)
This was the home of Wayne Williams and Mary Ruth Caradine and their children located on the property of Mary... more »
011 ncl 19
11-NCL-19 (Clay, 1994)
This was the home of Roy Bean and his wife Ruth Caradine Bean, which was built on the place that belonged to... more »
025 ncl 32
25-NCL-32 (Clay, 1994)
The Estridge farmstead located on MS State Hwy 47 about a mile east of Abbott and two miles east of Palo Alto... more »

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