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How about 78 years ago!!
1942..I began life here...WW II tamping up began life here
1948..I started 1st grade...1 room school
1949..rural electricity arrived
1950..indoor plumbing arrived
1952..year of big flood
1953..Korean war
1954..another brother arrived expanded..self propelled combine
1956...first time to ride a school bus heard Elvis Presley music got a brand new Case diesel tractor with a THREE bottom plow! saw its first BIG round baler
1960..I graduated from high lost its best hay bale hauling kid to MU
1964...Uncle Sam tool the same boy from the farm for 3 years
1965...first born boy got married and left the farm chores to little brother!
2020...I still visit this farm on a regular schedule and relive my youth days...but now with power steering, air conditioning,
Internet technology, microwave oven,and enjoy seeing the FIFTH generation of the Rufenacht family still enjoying this Missouri Century over 100 years old

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