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Rutherfurd Stuyvesant ruins. Growing up( late 1980s-90's) my uncle rented part of this farm for his horses and currently most buildings are down or deteriorated.

Hi Danielle, thank you for sharing your memories of the Rutherfurd Stuyvesant ruins. We'd love to hear more about your experiences growing up in Warren County. Can you recall any specific changes or landmarks that have transformed in the area since the photo was taken in 1970? Also, since your uncle rented part of the farm for horses, what kind of farming activities were carried out there?

My uncle, Joe Niper rented the large shed in the back, the furthest to the left. He had Haflinger ponies and many other ponies and horses that he did pulling competitions with. Myself and other family had our horses there also and trail rode through the back into the adjoining park. He also had hunting dogs, chickens, and rabbits for meat. Many summers were spent making hay in the large fields in the back. The middle section was also horses and the front was horses owned by Wayne Smith, a local farrier. The 711 was across the street and is still there with the other Panther Valley stores. The stone house in the front right tucked under trees was abandoned even when I was a child and we always said it was haunted. Most of the buildings are down or too dangerous to explore and the whole area is very grown up and turning back into what it once was before becoming a farm. I recently learned of its history as part of the Rutherford Stuyvesant estate. Supposedly this was the farm where the family raised their cattle and dorset sheep. They owned the entire area including Tranquility farms so I'm not sure where the rest used to be since it was divided when Rt 80 was constructed.

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