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17-EEWR-3 (Warren, 1984)
Lugi's Restaurant, on Rt. 46 in Belvidere, NJ
14-EEWR-34 (Warren, 1984)
St. John's Episcopal Church in Hope, NJ
11-EEWR-11 (Warren, 1984)
This house belonged to Jimmy Huey on Mt. Herman Road
11-EEWR-22 (Warren, 1984)
Mt. Herman Methodist Church,
26-EEHD-18 (Hunterdon, 1984)
The Knispel Dairy Farm on Sidney Road (now West Sidney Road). August Knispel was a long time Mayor and Committeman... more »
26-EEHD-15 (Hunterdon, 1984)
I knew this property as the John Raymond Family Estate off Sidney Road (now West Sidney Road) in Franklin Township... more »
25-EEHD-18 (Hunterdon, 1984)
The former Walton Farm on White Bridge Road just outside of Quakertown. Became the Zeng Farm which my older... more »
25-EEHD-8 (Hunterdon, 1984)
The Pittstown Inn, formerly The Century Inn and Hoffs Mills Inn located at the corner of Pittstown Road (County... more »

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