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6-MHU-15 (Hunterdon, 1965)
This is my present house. It is still pretty much the same.
81-MHU-19 (Hunterdon, 1965)
ok just one for year at Christmas time we put the tree up in the corner of the living room and... more »
81-MHU-19 (Hunterdon, 1965)
Hello Cassie Thank you for the interesting history behind this photo. I would be very interested in the supernatural... more »
81-MHU-19 (Hunterdon, 1965)
I used to own and live in this house from 1989 till 2001, raised my boys there. Every summer an old resident... more »
27-FCM-34 (Cape May, 1988)
this is my house!!
2-AASO-30 (Somerset, 1986)
Sheep Hollow Farm 1952-1975. Home of the Wright family. Hampshire sheep and Hereford cattle.
11D-AASU-24 (Sussex, 1986)
Highland General Store. Owned for many years by the DuPont family. I worked there in the mid-60s.

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