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086 hhsm 27
86-HHSM-27 (Salem, 1987)
That's my house with my first RV next to my shop.
007 aame 27
7-AAME-27 (Mercer, 1986)
This is a shot of 3 properties, I owned the house on the right, 9 River Dr between ca 1997 and 2004. unfortunately... more »
026 hhoc 17
26-HHOC-17 (Ocean, 1987)
Manahan's (?) Chyrsler
026 hhoc 04
26-HHOC-4 (Ocean, 1987)
Albright Auto Sales
023 hhoc 34
23-HHOC-34 (Ocean, 1987)
Citizens First national Bank
023 hhoc 33
23-HHOC-33 (Ocean, 1987)
Best Little Deli in Barnegat

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