I definitely recognize this historic farmhouse and barn, located at 251 N. Elmwood Rd. Marlton, NJ. It is known as the Evans-Cooper House, circa 1773. I grew up in Marlton and my best friend lived in this house, so I spent a lot of time at this amazingly large and historic home in the 1980’s-90’s sleeping over there quite a few times as well. I experienced residual haunting there too, but nothing negative. Lots of history there.

I was exited to see this old aerial photo of the structures and property from the 1960’s! While it fortunately still stands today and is on the national record of historic homes, it’s my understanding that Evesham Township has owned it for a long time now and has closed all the shutters, erecting a fence around the main house to prevent break-ins. While trying to protect it from vandalism, they have done little to maintain or restore it.

I would love to see the inside of it again someday, hopefully still intact. The architectural history it could teach next generations would be worthwhile, as there are many interesting features inside that tell the story of its long history in remarkable detail.

The angle of this photo is of the back (north side) of the home, with the Savich Farm property line visible in the upper right of the photo (spotty tree line). The open fields in this photo are long overgrown now, so seeing the open farm at this time in history was very neat!

Evans--Cooper House; N. Elmwood Rd. between NJ 70 and Marlton Pike, in Marlton.

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