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Blain Family farm. "Lone Oak Farm" The farm proudly opperated for many generations before going the way of so many beloved family dairy farms, and closing down.

My 3 sister and I grew up there! My hard working parents still live there today. Farm has been dismantled, but some still is there. Wouldn't change a thing from our childhood. My parents struggled each and every day but did there damndest to give us a good life! We would not be who we are today if it wasn't for this homestead! ❤️

This is where I spent my childhood along with my sister Sue and brother Sam. Best place to grow up. Our parents worked very hard and passed that work ethic on to us. Miss those days.. someone needs to find an older photo of the place. I am glad Sam stayed on and raised his family there.

I spent my childhood visiting and playing on the farm with my cousins and even going in the milking parlor with Uncle Sam …. My brothers spent summers helping my grandparents and Uncle …. Proud of my heritage

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