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043 hor 16
43-HOR-16 (Orange, 1965)
Uncle Lex was my my Grandfather John Whitfields brother.As a boy we seined ponds on the 4th of July. Always... more »
043 hor 16
43-HOR-16 (Orange, 1965)
Pauline ray farrell was my great grandmother,in which i was named after,she was the sister of Ethel ray."... more »
043 hor 16
43-HOR-16 (Orange, 1965)
This was my uncle lex's farm .I played there as a little girl
020 xty 25
20-XTY-25 (Tyrrell, 1997)
We were married 7 yrs when this was taken. We've been married 30 yrs now. Still here after all these years... more »
011 qwk 13
11-QWK-13 (Wake, 1985)
Horse branch ky
011 qwk 08
11-QWK-8 (Wake, 1985)
ID'd this as a co-worker's family land that has since been developed - thrilled to help makemlm a connection... more »
063 awl 04
63-AWL-4 (Wilson, 1987)
This house is still standing today and is located at the intersection of Highway 58 and Grimsley Store Road... more »
034 bst 04
34-BST-4 (Stanly, 1990)
I live in this house. My family and I moved here February, 2011.

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