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27-LCH-23 (Chatham, 1983)
Viewed from the North looking South. House on the right side of the image is gone.
27-LCH-22 (Chatham, 1983)
S.T. Wooten Corporation
26-LCH-1 (Chatham, 1983)
Strowd Farm, looking East to West across Mt. Gilead Church Road.
25-LCH-37 (Chatham, 1983)
4089 Mt. Gilead Church Road
25-LCH-36 (Chatham, 1983)
Strowd Farm, Looking North to South across Mt. Gilead Church Road.
25-LCH-35 (Chatham, 1983)
Strowd Farm, looking North to South.
25-LCH-31 (Chatham, 1983)
Viewed from South looking North
25-LCH-29 (Chatham, 1983)
Viewed from South West to North East

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