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114-FCL-1 (Cleveland, 1993)
My Grandpa Boyd Grigg's home.
64-LCL-32 (Cleveland, 1983)
This is my Granpa's home. Boyd Pariss Grigg. This photo is taken before they built onto the house for my... more »
33-BJO-26 (Jones, 1990)
This is the Wiggins Family Farm. The homeplace in the picture is the historic Shine Inn. George Washington spent... more »
33-BJO-22 (Jones, 1990)
This was the home of Fleming and Cathy Wiggins.
33-BJO-15 (Jones, 1990)
This was our house. My father, Hank Philyaw, built this house. It was a Jim Walker Home. We kids had to help... more »
33-BJO-7 (Jones, 1990)
This is the home of my Great Aunt Eva, my grandfather's sister. (Marvin "Lump" Philyaw)
33-BJO-8 (Jones, 1990)
This is the home of my grandfather's (Marvin "Lump" Philyaw) brother, Lewis Philyaw and his wife... more »
33-BJO-10 (Jones, 1990)
This was my great grandparents home...Willy and Ida Philyaw. .....Santina "Liz" Philyaw Hargett

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