North Carolina

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300 jwk 18
300-JWK-18 (Wake, 1986)
12729 Garffe Sherron Rd, Wake Forest NC
300 jwk 15
300-JWK-15 (Wake, 1986)
The Raymond Woodlief someplace; no longer there; Garffe Sherron Rd; near intersection of Purnell Rd.
281 jwk 08
281-JWK-8 (Wake, 1986)
formerly Neuse Baptist Church, Capital Blvd and Thornton Rd, Raleigh NC
281 jwk 07
281-JWK-7 (Wake, 1986)
Capital Blvd/US 1 just north of Durant Rd, Raleigh NC; was Thermo King; then a Sunbelt Rental business
281 jwk 05
281-JWK-5 (Wake, 1986)
Capital Blvd/US 1 just norther of Durant Rd, Raleigh NC
281 jwk 04
281-JWK-4 (Wake, 1986)
Capital Blvd/US 1 just north of Durant Rd; business on the right is currently the Korner Pocket bar and grill
281 jwk 03
281-JWK-3 (Wake, 1986)
Capital Blvd & Thornton Rd; formerly Neuse Baptist Church
282 jwk 23
282-JWK-23 (Wake, 1986)
Athey Products, S. Main St, Wake Forest NC

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