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002 hwa 08
2-HWA-8 (Wake, 1965)
I cannot remember the man's first name but his wife was Edna Buffaloe. She was my third grade teacher in... more »
031 fro 30
31-FRO-30 (Robeson, 1993)
Baltimore First Baptist Church.
031 fro 29
31-FRO-29 (Robeson, 1993)
Baltimore First Baptist Church.
044 fro 31
44-FRO-31 (Robeson, 1993)
Jack Fulmore homeplace.
044 fro 17
44-FRO-17 (Robeson, 1993)
Edmund Bullock homeplace.
044 fro 23
44-FRO-23 (Robeson, 1993)
My grandfather's birth home! Pat Lewis Pittman.
062 qyd 17
62-QYD-17 (Yadkin, 1985)
Steelman-Angell House. Constructed in 1926 for Nathan & Ethel Steelman, purchased by Lucas & Lula Angell... more »
005 atr 20
5-ATR-20 (Transylvania, 1987)
My grandparents house....spent a lot of time there.

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