Listed historically as the Yates-Batchelor house. This house was located on the east side of Batchelor Road approx 500 feet north of the junction with Green Level Road West. Most of Batchelor Road and extending south below Castleberry Road was part of the Basil Manley Yates estate probated in the 1880s

It is known that Basil M Yates had a store in this location which is shown on several historical maps. I have wondered if the small building on the left had been that store. The Yates-Batchelor house burned down some time between 1012 and 1019.

You're saying there was a store was on Batchelor Road?

At the bottom right of this photograph there is something that looks like a sign. It's not part of a fence. It could be a sign for a homesite, though. For instance, on Green Level Road there is a large wooden sign in someone's yard, I think it reads: Verde Ranch.

Yes. Basil Manley Yates had a store in this general area. It is shown on the Fendol Bevers map of Wake County, 1871. This is a link to that map. The store is shown in White Oak township at the Chatham Co Line and west of Green Level.

Thank you for posting the link to that map. Very interesting. If the Scale of miles can be trusted on that map; B.M. Yates store is about a 1/2 mile from the county line. Putting it right about where Wimberly Road (not depicted on the map) and present day Green Level West Road (Pittsboro Road on the map) meet . shows quite a few buildings there, circa 1955. However, the store may not have existed by then, being at least an 84 year old structure.

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