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This was my great grandparents’ home. Wesley and Thursey Bowers. They raised 13 children. My grandfather, Oral Bowers purchased this family home from them and then it was passed down to my father, Harold Bowers, upon my grandfather’s passing. This home had been in our family for over 100 years years. My siblings and I now own this farm upon our parents passing. The cool shed/tool storage building and the milk house that was behind the house have been torn down and a garage was added attached to the house.

Hi Cris, thank you for sharing the fascinating history of your family's home! It must have been incredible to have it in your family for over 100 years. We'd love to hear more about your memories growing up on the farm. Could you tell us a bit about the type of farming your family did? Also, it's interesting to hear about the changes made to the property over time. Can you provide any details about what the area was like in 1976 compared to now?

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