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5629 North Ridge West, Ashtabula, Ohio. Robert and Virginia Root. I grew up there. I remember the smell of tomatoes!

House was built in 1956. Robert and Virginia had 7 children: Ron, Bill, Donna (Ruth), Steve, James (Jamie), Laura, and Frank.
Some of the vegetables we grew (and sold) included tomatoes, pumpkins, gourds, squash (summer and winter), corn (sweet, Indian, and popcorn), cabbage, cauliflower, beans (green, yellow, and lima), cucumber (and pickles), lettuce, beets, and numerous others: such as onions, parsnips, asparagus, turnips, peas, cantaloupe, etc. We also had some fruit trees: cherry (sour and sweet), peach, and plum. And berries: strawberries and raspberries. Besides giving us a wide variety of foods to eat (fresh (during the growing season and later by preserving for the winter (by canning and freezing)), the income of the farm helped all 7 children with college expenses: all 7 obtained college degrees. Robert (the father) worked for the post office and had a rural mail route: Virginia (the mother) managed the home and garden.

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