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This is the year I graduated from JU.

This is the year I graduated from JU.

There it is - my High School

Looks like the field hasn't changed lol fond memories on that field

Class of 1973...Go Yellow Jackets!

My Mom graduated from JU , in 1946 Patricia Mynster Lamantia and my daughter, Michelle Anderson Fowler graduated in 1991.

Taught in that building for 33 years. Jefferson Union, Edison South, then finally Edison. Left in 2004 with wonderful memories.

Employed there for 25 yrs Food Service Dept. 1974-1999 Head Cook 1984-1999. Both daughters and sons-in-law graduated from there.

My high school! I graduated in 1985 from there,and my oldest son in 2006. My mom graduated from there in 1951. Not as many trees around the back of the school anymore.

Went to high school here, 1961-65.

wow , Ethel Monigold i remember you always made us the best salads if we put our order in early plus the food was really greay when my kids went to school it was shipped tv dinners , bull
i love thepic of the school many memoreies

I graduated from Jefferson Union High School in 1963

I graduated in 71. Have great memories.

I was part of the class of 83. My parents were from the class of 51. My younger brother was in the last class to graduate from JU in 88. It became Edison after that.

I graduated from J.U. in 1963

The original building, the three story building on the right, was the entire Jefferson Union High School when I was a freshmen in 1961

Was Jefferson Union High School now Edison High School. Been by this place.

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