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I grew up here. This was a 75 acre farm owned by Henry W. Lober. He worked hard for what he had and kept what he had in good shape. The farm is still there, but houses dot the landscape. Often wonder what he'd think about the farm if he could see it now.

Many, many fond memories. Building hay forts. Picking strawberries and blackberries with Grandpa (flannel shirt was a must). Riding the old Alice Chalmers tractor. The smell of Grandpa's hunting coat. Oatmeal with raisins in the morning. Sitting out back behind the barn after dinner just watching the world. Gathering eggs and going in the chicken house in the early evening as the chickens started to roost. Old Blue - the dog that ate anything, including handkerchiefs.

"I see Grandpa's barn! I see Grandpa's barn!" - something we used to say as we were heading west down 229. As soon as we saw the white barn, we knew we were almost there.

my grandparents farm. Many great childhood memories.Thought it would always be a legacy not just a memory. thank you Henry and Eleanor Lober for giving us your love and a wonderful place to grow up.

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