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024 dlo 07
  • Columbia Gas transmission station.
068 dlo 33
  • As of 2019, the gas station building has been razed.
  • Standard Oil station on south east corner of Rt 113 and Rt58.
  • Tavern is still there. Gas station has been closed for years, but the building is still there.
112 blo 25
  • Pumphrey & Pumphrey gas station, corner of Butternut Ridge Rd and Grafton Rd, Laporte.
055 dlo 06
  • Moto-Rest! Run by J.E. Jackson in the 1954 rural directory, this neat gas station and rest stop was at the corner of Rt 20 and Rt 58, south
  • of Oberlin. Today an ordinary Marathon station replaces the old building, replaced in the 1970s or 80s.
045 dlo 06
  • This building is now a hardware store, the supermarket is across the street to the left. Left of the IGA in this photo is Baluk's Midview Drugs. The gas station in the lower left corner is now the Island Cafe.
  • Schild's IGA, Rt 82, Columbia Station. Still called Schild's today.
044 dlo 12
  • Butternut Ridge Rd at Grafton Rd, Pumphrey and Pumphrey gas station (still there), Laporte. The diner is a car from the Green Line interurban that ran from Lorain to Elyria, Oberlin, wellington, etc.
097 mlo 13
  • The northeast corner of Rt 83 and Center Ridge Rd, north Ridgeville. The gas station building is still there as a used car lot. The garage was recently replaced with a MacDonald's.
026 mlo 37
  • East side of Rt 58 at Maple St (just off the photo to the right), Wellington. The Shell gas station is still there. You can just see a few mobile
  • homes at the bottom, they're still there. The angled building on the corner was probably another gas station and was built 10 years earlier than the Shell station. Today it is still on that angle but is a duplex house.
001 dlo 30
  • Gas station at the corner of Rt 511 and Rt 20, west of Oberlin. Rt 20 runs across the lower edge of the photo, Rt 511 heads north in the lower right
  • corner. The curved road behind the station used to be the sweeping turn from Rt 20 to 511. It was removed in the early 2000s, but the path can still be seen today. The original building is still there but empty and abandoned.
019 dlo 03
  • find a listing for it. There was a Gulf Gas station just to the left near the tracks, the curved drive for it can still be seen today.

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