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  • Columbia Gas transmission station.
  • Shell gas station
  • Pumphrey & Pumphrey service station. Butternut Ridge Rd at Grafton Rd, Laporte OH.
  • Union 76 gas station
  • As of 2019, the gas station building has been razed.
  • Standard Oil station on south east corner of Rt 113 and Rt58.
  • Tavern is still there. Gas station has been closed for years, but the building is still there.
  • Columbia Gas Transmission Station
  • Bara's gas station and store Rt 18 Penfield,O.
  • The northeast corner of Rt 83 and Center Ridge Rd, north Ridgeville. The gas station building is still there as a used car lot. The garage was recently replaced with a MacDonald's.
  • Pumphrey & Pumphrey gas station, corner of Butternut Ridge Rd and Grafton Rd, Laporte.
  • When I was a kid (early 60s) this was a Sohio gas station run by Bob Coe.
  • The northeast corner of Rt 83 and Chestnut Ridge Rd, North Ridgeville. Today it is a Marathon station.
  • Butternut Ridge Rd at Grafton Rd, Pumphrey and Pumphrey gas station (still there), Laporte. The diner is a car from the Green Line interurban that ran from Lorain to Elyria, Oberlin, wellington, etc.

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