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My grandparents Amelia and Martin Joreski ran a 'boarding home' for children who needed a place to stay. It was also home to Arthur/Jim/Lillian Joreski. It's located on Substation Road, Brunswick Hills, Oh.

This home was owned by my Grandparents, Martin and Amelia Joreski. It's located on Substation Road, Brunswick Hills, Ohio. It was a "boarding home" for children that needed a place to stay.

I was one of her children. Martin Joreski had passed by then, Amelia (Mumsie) took me in, in 1959 till she gave up her home in 1969. She made provisions for me even when she could no longer care for herself. I started a book that was just too hard to finish, perhaps a reunion would inspire it.

I lived there for 4 - 5 yrs of my youth. Some of my best memories and some bad. I would love to have a reunion with the kids when I was there and share some memories. The Nash kids Jeffery, April Mikey or fatso as I remember. Bobby, rose, robin, Wendy, Charlie,tony, Robbie plus some more that at this time I can’t recall. Of course Verna, Buford Frankie . Let’s try and make it happen!

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