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Fenn Road at Pearl Road Medina County OH Medina Skateland Roller Rink 3789 Pearl Road - still there after all these years!

I spent every weekend here in the 50's. It was so much fun and a really nice group of people there. I made many friends there.

This is the Medina Roller Rink. Most Medina elementary school children spent their Friday nights there in the 1950's. My grandparents lived next door and I can recall many Sunday summer evenings listening to the organ music wafting through the screens and across the yard to my grandparents big back porch.

The roof was blown off in 1947. Local builders & war vets donated their time and equipment to repair Medina's historic roller rink.

Took skating lessons here also. Will not forget the time I was cruising along and the front wheels came off my skates. WHAM. (They were mine, not rented, so don't worry!)

Joe Morawski occupied this building in the late '60's and early '70's and turned it into the Medina Ballroom. Big band music on a Friday and Saturday night. I was only a kid, but helped my friend Richard Morawski (son of Joe) clean the Ballroom on a Sunday morning. It was just down the street from Conley's where my Mom worked and across the street from the Rustic Inn (where I worked with Jack Williams and Roz Tetzel).

My father and his relatives purchased this property right after it was converted to Medina Ballroom. His big band (Joe Morse Orchestra) performed there as did other swing bands. My family lived on the second floor from 1970-1973. Many fond memories(including the time John Wilson and I almost burned it down).

Mr. MOrawski: I think you meant to say: "...John Wilson and I almost ACCIDENTALLY burned it down)." Young boys will be boys -- Jhw..

SR42 has grown significantly since this photo was taken.

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