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The farm was my grandparents’, Harmon and Clara Milbrodt in Elmore. It’s now a Centennial Farm and owned by my first cousin Jim and Elaine Milbrodt. I grew up there in the house on the far right side, raised by my mother, Ruth Milbrodt Knoblauch.

Hi Eileen, thank you for sharing your memories of your grandparents' farm in Elmore. We love hearing about the history of properties captured in our aerial photos! It must have been a special experience growing up there. Can you tell us more about the farming activities that took place on the property? We're curious to learn about the crops or livestock raised back then.

My grandparents bought the land and moved to the house they built, still the house on the property, after they married on Dec. 31, 1913. Initially I believe there were milking cows and always lots of chickens. Crops grown were field corn, soy beans, wheat, barley, etc. My mother built her house in 1959. My grandfather still farmed but in another 5-7 years, my cousin Jim Milbrodt had started helping with the farming and eventually became the owner. My grandparents always had a huge vegetable garden plus there were apple trees, a cherry tree, pear tree, raspberries, and beautiful flowers grown by my grandmother. It was a special place to grow up, to know my grandparents, and the lessons they taught, growing things, living off the land and digging in the dirt. Wonderful memories.

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