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Hopkinsville Carryout at St Rt 48 and 22&3

Hopkinsville, Warren County Ohio, where State Route 48 and the Hwy 22/3 (3 C highway) cross, now between Maineville and Grandin.

I am interested in some of your photos but I am concerned that the image will not be very clear. can you explain the picture clarity and send me a random digital pic of warren county so I can see what clarity I am going to get?

Yes use to go to the store there and use to stop there use the phone back then.


I used to work there when I was in the 11th and 12th grade. I remember Evelyn Napier and her husband owned the carry out, but I can't remember his name.They were the best people you could ever work3 for. And the only name i remember is Hoptown Carry Out. Now everything is gone and all has changed. Hoptown is not what it used to be, it's all grown up.

Yeah my parents John and Marian Supinger ran it after the Napier's sold it for a few years. Man that place stayed hoppin for sure. Everything was dry around it and beer sales were definitely big. Back then it was still referred to as Hoptown still. You could drive from the carryout to UC in about 25 min, lol. Today your luck to get to Fields Ertel.

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